Alternative Liste Innsbruck is the best choice for all those who want change

Alternative Liste Innsbruck is the best choice for all those who want change. We are a network of committed people from and around Innsbruck from different social backgrounds.

ali is not a classic party but stands for a modern form of political participation and empowerment – without party discipline.

Affordable housing is your right!

  1. affordable housing for everybody: no household should pay more than 25% of their net income for their rent.
  2. social housing initiative: government supported apartments will be doubled by 2025
  3. Managing the rental vacancy rate intelligently instead of wasting precious space: Vacant flats should be administered to those in need without too much bureaucracy.
  4. dedicating building land fairly: Newly dedicated building should be exclusively reserved for communal housing projects initiated by the city council.
  5. Sustainable living space instead of wasteful shopping centres: Sustainable housing for everybody should be favoured over wasteful space for shopping malls.

Coexistence means cooperation!

  1. dismantle obstacles for families: nurseries offering lunch should be free of charge and available for all parents at flexible hours.
  2. ending the policy of ostracism and prohibition: Social measures (proactive youth work, homeless shelters, drug prevention) instead of prohibition and ostracism guarantee security for everybody.
  3. Strengthening Innsbruck as centre of education for adolescents: We need the best prerequisites for studying and gathering knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
  4. Supporting sustainable and secure jobs: companies taking care of environmental, regional and social standards need to be supported.
  5. promoting alternative and new forms of shared housing space: cooperative housing, tenement syndicates and generational housing ensure a community worth living.

Democracy means shaping your surroundings!

  1. Sustainable involvement of citizens in decision making processes: Innsbruck needs a uniform system of participation for citizens in decision making processes without bureaucratic effort.
  2. building district-centres: Every district receives a centre for personal encounters, culture and health care.
  3. major projects only on mutual grounds: All citizens must be involved and listened to before and and while planning major projects.
  4. making public spaces more attractive: parks, squares, unused fallows and the Inn river banks should be turned into consumption-free areas for freetime, recreation and sports.
  5. more space for culture: rehearsal rooms and cabaret stages are open to cultural workers and are available according to individual needs.


You are allowed to vote! On April 22, every Austrian citizen and every EU-citizen having their main residence in Innsbruck have the suffrage. Use your voice – and participate because it is about your Innsbruck.


Do you think that Innsbruck…

…should offer enough space for housing and living that you can afford?

…should give the right to participate in decision making processes since they are about the people who live here?

…should ensure the best support for all generations, in the broadest sense: a carefree and fearless future?


Vote for difference: you voice for Alternative Liste Innsbruck.